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From left to right. Justin Grimbol, Kelsey Gray, Kelsey Hoff,

Kelsey Hoff is a poet and occasional fiction writer in Racine, Wisconsin. She has a BA in English from UW-Parkside and edited on the staff of their literary arts magazine Straylight. Kelsey volunteers for the BONK! reading series. She enjoys reading at open mics, blogging, workshopping, and editing for her friends. Her birthday is Halloween and she can do that cool 3-leaf clover thing with her tongue.

Kelsey Gray is a writer residing in the Midwest. Her poetry will be featured in Wisconsin Verse this coming fall. Her work has also been featured at  She braves blizzards and sub zero temperatures to frequent open mics because, she’s about that life. Her work is often experimental and generally offensive. She is an acquired taste, and no friend to delicate sensibilities.

Justin Grimbol was raised by two ministers in Sag Harbor, New York. He went to college for a while and then stopped. The college was in Vermont, where he met his wife Heather. They move around a lot. Currently, they reside in Racine Wisconsin. Mr. Grimbol is the author of THE PARTY LORDS, THE CREEK, DRINKING UNTIL MORNING, THE CRUD MASTERS, HARD BODIES and NAKED FRIENDS (forthcoming). He writes both poetry and prose about butts and other things.



Jackson Barrow is a member of the Barrow Band. He is also known to play solo on occasion, singing a ghostly version of Amazing  Grace, that will make Justin Grimbol weepy-hearted and smiley-faced.

Nick Ramsey is the Poet Laureate of Racine. He also raps for the group FAMILY POWER MUSIC.

Nick Demske. The inventor. The mad scientist. The hug master. He hosts the Bonk performance series, which this site is inspired by. He is also author of a self titled book of poems published by Fence Books. And he works at the Library in Racine. And does lots of other stuff.

Jen Simpkins reads, writes, eats, sleeps and breathes fiction.  She is contesting the charges related to the last three.


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