Ways to Celebrate National Bathtub Party Day

I was completely clueless about what to write about today (as usual) but while scrolling my Twitter feed, I saw someone post that today was National Bathtub Party Day. Upon Googling this, I quickly learned that that was a lie and Bathtub Party Day is actually December 5th. That works in our favor, since I brainstormed this list of activities for Bathtub Party Day, and you will have plenty of time to prepare and invite all your friends. Without further ado:

Ways to Celebrate National Bathtub Party Day

  • The most obvious way to celebrate this holiday is to go ahead and throw a bathtub party. Not everyone has a bathtub, or one big enough to accommodate all of their friends, but if you are willing to get a little crafty there are ways around this. If you have a friend with a pickup truck, you can line the truck bed with a tarp and fill it up with water to create a makeshift bathtub, or hold the party in a swimming pool. Create a bathtub-like atmosphere by adding bubble bath and decorating with loofahs, bath mats, and rubber duckies.
  • If actual water submersion isn’t an option (December can get pretty cold here in Wisconsin) you might be able to make a bathtub out of snow (think inverted igloo) or stay inside and use a cardboard box filled with blue tissue paper. You can still play with bath toys, even without water, but foam letters don’t really stick to the wall unless they’re wet. One of the most effective ways to simulate a bathlike experience is to get naked. Nobody takes a bath with clothes on!
  • For an alternative take on the holiday, think about the philosophies and ideals of bathtime and try to establish The Bathtub Party as a political party in your community. If it’s really successful, you could run for office!
  • Make snacks that look like bath items: blue jello looks like water, orange jello looks like some types of bar soap, and cotton candy kind of looks like a loofah. Rubber ducky cookies would be adorable, and you could frost a cake to look like a bathtub.
  • Make your own bath salts or bubble bath.
  • Have a bath movie marathon. I can’t think of any movies with significant bath scenes, but I’m sure they’re out there.
  • Go to work in your robe and bunny slippers or flip flops with wet hair, like you just got out of a bath.
  • Listen to Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Song on repeat
  • After that, listen to Put Down the Ducky on repeat
  • Compose your own song (or poem or story) about taking a bath (be sure to submit it to us!)

Things to remember: if someone on the street offers you bath salts, DO NOT TAKE THEM…and remember to have fun, but don’t pull out all the stops!


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