Hamster Death Warp?

Emma Alice Johnson | Author And Zinester | Bizarro, Horror And Science Fiction | LGBTQ

My stories have been published in a lot of weird books over the last decade or so, but this is by far the most absurd project I have ever been involved in:

Hamsters: A Fabulous AnthologyHamsters! A Fabulous Anthology is a collection of stories about hamsters. What the fuck? It’s 300-plus pages long and includes stories by some of the coolest cats in the bizarro and horror fiction undergrounds. My story is called “Hamsters are for Pussies.” It’s about jackasses who use their pets to demonstrate their own masculinity. Or maybe it’s about brain eating.

Dynatox Ministries released this as a benefit for Raye Roeske, a bizarro fiction superfan who is going through a tough one. So you can read a bunch of fucked-up hamster stories and support a good cause.

New Chapbook Out Now (And Going Fast)

Speaking of Dynatox Ministries, the publisher also released my latest chapbook, Death Warp.

Death WarpDeath Warp

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