Pimp My Icons by R.K. Olson


Sheep-field ambassador of ancient moon-clad dances;

Of dark hooded magic

Of all that lived before, beneath, beyond

10,000 Solstices

Is closed today.   For real.

Mighty megaliths shamed into drag

Silent cartoon princesses

Wrapping my Druid heart in safety yellow ribbons like a crime scene.

So bring on the river-night where that tower in Paris tarts up in showgirl chic

Glittering on demand like herpes on a world tour


All that gold is not

And gold is certainly not Giza,

nor any of the great hollow shells abandoned along the banks of the crocodile-Nile

Face up and slack jawed

Fortified with dark-eyed Egyptians

Children wearing Uzis for beauty queen banners but have no socks inside their big-boy shoes

As the real Sphinx bobs

A bemused buoy

Over a well-paved seas of flaxen Nordic heads

Cameras gulping like hungry gulls

Open 24 hours for your convenience.


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