Kill All The Poets by Aaron Lundquist


You are the reasons i have to lock my doors at night.
You wave your books of terror with utter disdain for others well being.
What giveth you the right to propagate your filthy verses weighing nothing but air.
You so called poets think you have the right to preach about life and love and experience.

How can you expect our impressionable children to grow up hearing this nonsense.
As a upstanding community member i choose to take a stand.
When i was young there was no such thing as “poetry”.
We cared about things that were real.

Something has to be done about these dredges to our precious society soon.
We will not stand for such obvious disregard to our established way of life.
I heard one maniac say there was a woman lodged in his throat.
This madness that spreads like wildfire must be stopped.

Im entirely fed up and Im starting a petition.
We should kill all the poets.


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